Basic design system for site-wide styling

Style Guide

Updates: 7/22/22

  • Modals - Added 2nd Bottom Right Modal component with button trigger animation.
  • Navbars - Added a "Navbar Center Aligned No Button" Navbar
    • Turned the "g-nav_menu-list" element into a symbol that can be reused in different navbars so each nav will have one source of truth.

Updates: 8/3/22

  • Navbars - Removed Transparent Navbar component
    • Instead, to create a transparent navbar, give the body tag a class of "transparent-nav"


There are two modals provided. One that opens center and another that opens bottom right.

For all modals, please copy and paste either one and turn it into a new symbol.
You can do this for multiple modals. Afterwards, you can style it however you like.

There are click animations already set up that opens each modal.

Open Bottom Right Modal

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