About Us

Our Foundation

Founded in 1997, the Colorado Police Officers Foundation's overall purpose is to generate funds to promote a greater understanding and awareness by the public on issues affecting the law enforcement profession.  The primary focus of the Police Officers Foundation is to foster community-wide support for law enforcement by providing supplemental resources for traumatically injured officers and their families, giving needed financial assistance to survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, and building meaningful and positive officer-community partnerships.

Mission and Value Statement

The Colorado Police Officers Foundation's purpose is to foster community-wide support for law enforcement and help officers improve relations with the communities they serve.  One way we do this is by creating more public understanding and awareness of the issues, factors, and events officers face daily. The Police Officers Foundation also generates funds to assist the families of officers killed and provide supplemental resources to officers traumatically injured.

Some of the programs that are funded by the foundation:

  • Scholarships for officers to attend specialized Law Enforcement Training, including courses specific to improving relations between officers and the communities they serve.
  • PTSD & Stress Related Counseling and Education that provides officers with confidential mental health counseling and information related to the effects of emotional trauma that is indicative of PTSD and other stress related effects of the law enforcement profession. 
  • Law Enforcement Training and Awareness.
  • Assist Injured, Disabled, Sick, or Distressed Law Enforcement Members.
  • Confidential Treatment Referrals: PTSD, Mental Health Wellness, Alcohol Counseling.
  • Police Suicide Prevention.
  • Assistance for officers and families when an officer is killed or badly hurt in the line of duty.
  • A Child I.D. program that provides parents with an I.D. card that contains a description of their child, their child’s fingerprint, a photo of their child, and a DNA Kit to capture the child’s DNA. Parents also receive information of the steps to take to keep children safe and what to do if their child becomes missing. All of these are provided for free with no cost to parents.
  • Financial support for youth programs and events that enhance the development of young children and adolescents physically, emotionally, and academically.
  • Scholarships for high school seniors who are entering college.
  • Assistance for local lodges when a member is killed or badly hurt in the line of duty.
  • Law Enforcement Widows & Orphans Fund.