At 9:00 PM on June 9th, Officers Lauren Riddle and Dan Raddell responded to help a desperate victim of domestic violence as she called 911 from the bathroom she barricaded herself in because her boyfriend threatened her with a gun.  The suspect ran from the scene, but was soon spotted by Riddle and Raddell on the platform of the Englewood Light Rail Station, where they confronted the suspect and tried to talk to him. 

The suspect could have chosen to comply with the officers, or he could have chosen to run away.  The suspect, instead, chose to shoot at officers Riddle and Raddell, rather than face arrest.  Riddle and Raddell returned fire, and during the ferocious gun battle, the suspect shot officer Riddle just below her vest.  The bullet tore through her abdomen and exited her back, missing her spine by an inch.  Despite the devastating injury, Riddle continued to return fire until the suspect fell to the ground due to the injuries he received.  Miraculously Raddell escaped injury.  The suspect was killed in the shootout.

At that point, Riddle was helped to a nearby police car where fellow officers loaded her in, and quickly took her to Swedish Medical Center where she underwent two grueling surgeries to repair the damage done to her internal organs.

Officer Riddle is a warrior, but she faces a long road to recovery. 


The Colorado FOP Foundation has set up a fund to receive donations to help Officer Riddle offset partial loss of income and other expenses as she works hard to get back on her feet and hopefully return to full duty. To make your tax deductible donation click on the PayPal link below.

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